Monday, October 13, 2008

Whole Lotta Remodelin' Goin' On

There are some changes going on in the neighborhood, Last week I noticed that the Burger King on West Market at Muirs Chapel Rd. was closed for remodeling.

Today I went by and saw what kind of remodeling they had in mind.

It looks like a pretty complete remodel doesn't it? By this measure, there is some more remodeling nearby. Here in the foreground is the remodeled ABC store on Muirs Chapel.

Here's the remodeled Shell station that was at the corner of West Market and Muirs Chapel. Another through job.

Not all remodeling in the neighborhood is so complete. The old Rearn Thai restaurant further out West Market is becoming an O'Reilly Auto Parts store in a less drastic remodel.

It's hard to tell, but I think they just built a metal facade round the old building. I haven't been by there in a couple of weeks to see any progress.

Things are changing along Market Street.


triadwatch said...

i noticed that too going down market, what a change now if they can blow up the old rock ola , bbq place then the last bakery building because everyone that has been in there has had bad luck. Time to blow it up.

Preston said...

The current building on that site is actually the second iteration of almost the same building. The Rock-ola was torn down and the BBQ place built with almost the exact same floorplan. I understand there were bad feelings between the folks who bought the Rock-ola building and the previous owners and the new owners didn't want any of the old building to remain.

I hope the current tenent is successful.