Sunday, October 05, 2008


As I wrote earlier, I am a fan of Car Lust blog. A couple of weeks ago they had a post about a 1974 Volkswagon TV commercial. About 20 sec. in there was a picture and mention of a 1950 Studebaker convertible. This brought back fond memories. My mother's uncles owned the Studebaker dealership in Greensboro, Lowman Motor Co., so we always owned Studebakers.

Uncle Pat was an avid gardener, and in early 1952 my father took some pictures of his handiwork at LMC on East Market St. Note particularly the city license plate on the purple convertible.

There were no new cars produced during the war years and production didn't really get started again until the1947 model year. My father bought a new 1947 Studebaker in late 1946, our first family car. Over the next several years, almost everyone in my maternal grandmother's extended family bought a new Studebaker. We had a family reunion in early 1952 at Ocean Drive beach, where another uncle owned Lowman's Red & White supermarket. This photo shows all the Studebakers lined up on the beach, along with a bunch of Lowman aunts, uncles, and cousins. My mother and sisters are shown around the dark blue car near the middle of the photo. My father took the picture and I don't know where I was.

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Anonymous said...

I lusted after Newlin's candy red Avanti in the 70's. But alas, family came first.