Saturday, October 04, 2008

Greensboro Can Help Sarah Palin

I have been critical of Sarah Palin's performance at the VP debate Thursday night, particularly of her delivery and manner of speaking. Others have echoed some of the same sentiments (pardon me for not linking). I believe there is something we can all do to help her: she needs some g's. It is obvious when she says "gonna", or "doin", or "hearin", or other such words. We have lots of g's in Greensboro, even though most of them are G's. I think we can all spare a few.

Now, I realize that if we get the name changed to Blogsboro we'll need some of those g's, so Billy Jones might not support this plan, but until then, I think we need to be generous and donate some to Sarah.

For further discussion on this matter, see the Language Log entry here. (Warning: this is one of the few times you will see the mf-word used in an academic environment.)

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