Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Maybe OJ Didn't Do It

I may be the only retired white guy in town who believes O. J. may be innocent of murder. In a recent post the Logisitician expresses some doubt, but can you believe a guy who, when asked about his favorite movies, lists 38 of 'um.

A couple of months after the murders, a friend proposed the possibility that O.J.'s son had committed the crimes. His theory made a lot of sense to me. I am continually amazed how few people have heard of it. Over the past many years, when I've mentioned this possibility to friends it has been met with responses ranging from skepticism to derision. There has been a book about the theory, but I haven't invested the $27 bucks in it yet. I haven't seen much on-line (i.e. free). Google lists 822 hits for "Jason Simpson" guilty, one of which is a YouTube video here, an almost unwatchable recitation that appears to be reading from some document, Dear's book perhaps.

The biggest stumbling block to this theory could be Jason's alibi. The police seem to believe his story that he was at work at the time of the murders, but is some question about that. See the above referenced you-tube clip about 4:50 in.

More than Jason's actual guilt/innocence, I am amazed how few people have even heard of this possibility. Everyone is so sure of O.J.'s guilt they don't want to consider the possibility he could be innocent. If I could find iron-clad proof that Jason was at work cooking at 9:45 that evening, I'd feel a lot surer about O. J.'s guilt.

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You are such a Devil's Advocate!