Monday, February 16, 2009

News & Record Makes Another Big Mistake

The News & Record had another big error in a headline this morning. I'm not talking about the page A-1 head about the Cathy Vance surveillance taping, or the B-1 head on the article about the Scott Sanders trial. I'm talking about the C-2 headline "Lawson to the rescue" headline over the UNC-Miami basketball game article.

I didn't watch the game but I did see the highlights (numerous times) on SportsCenter. Ty Lawson wasn't the key to the game; the key was the performance of officials John Cahill, Sean Hull, and Mike Kitts. The key play occurred with 42 seconds left in the game with Miami down one point and having possession of the ball. Tyler Hansborough drew a charging call which gave the Heels the ball and led to Lawson's last 3-pointer.

My friend Sam Croft used to be an ACC referee and I'd kid him that at least he had a 50:50 chance of getting the block/charge call right. He'd remind me it was worse than that. Actually he had only a one in three chance of being right. The third option was "no call".

I don't pretend to know whether the Hansborough call at the end of the game was correct or not, but I do see that UNC made seven of eight free throws, while Miami was only two for two in free throws. This sounds to me like the headline should have been "Cahill/Hull/Kitts to the rescue".

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