Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th

I don't usually worry too much about Friday the 13th's but I may change my mind. I've been having some medical symptoms. A visit with my cardiologist showed everything OK heartwise, so I visited my regular doctor Wednesday to look into other possibilities and he ordered a number of blood tests. At lunch Friday his nurse called and asked me to come by their office late Friday pm. The doctor wanted to discuss my lab results.

No Problem. Except when I got there, they measured my blood pressure and got a reading of something like 87/44 and everybody got a little excited. The doctor reported that a number of my blood enzymes were out of whack (not his precise medical term, but close) and he wanted to admit me to Cone Hospital to do some tests before I died of kidney failure over the week-end (or at least that's what it sounded like he said). I hadn't seen James Lileks' Bleat column on Friday so I'd missed his warning about kidneys, but the doctor had gotten my attention.

I spent two days getting poked, prodded and punctured courtesy of Medicare and AARP (I hope). Everything was normal (except for some catheter excitement) and they found no significant issues, so we'll continue to look into the "symptoms", and I will be much more respectful of Friday-the-13th's in the future.

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