Thursday, May 26, 2005

John Kerry's Uncle Passes

Andrew Sullivan, the former conservative blogger, links to one of those wonderful British obituaries (see May 21st post--no permalink) , this one for one of John Kerry's uncles. Wouldn't life be interesting if the News & Record had obitaries of local notables with this much flavor.

By the way, Sen. Kerry has finally signed his Form 180, authorizing the release of all his military records. So why haven't we seen the records? Well, he signed the form, but he hasn't sent it back to the government yet. That Boston Globe article says:

''I have signed it," Kerry said. Then, he added that his staff was ''still going through it" and ''very, very shortly, you will have a chance to see it."
The devil is usually in the details. With Kerry, it's also in the dodges and digressions. After the interview, Kerry's communications director, David Wade, was asked to clarify when Kerry signed SF 180 and when public access would be granted. Kerry drifted over to join the conversation, immediately raising the confusion level. He did not answer the question of when he signed the form or when the entire record will be made public.
Several e-mails later, Wade conveyed the following information: On Friday, May 20, Kerry obtained a copy of Form 180 and signed it. ''The next step is to send it to the Navy, which will happen in the next few days.

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