Thursday, May 26, 2005

360º Panorama Photos

When I first went to Disneyworld and EPCOT (Every Person Comes Out Tired) Center, the thing that impressed me most were the 360º panorama movies at several attractions, "Canada" and "China" in EPCOT and an attractions-of-the-world trip in Disneyworld. The experience of seeing all around a famous site, both sides and back as well as straight ahead, was very exciting.

There is somewhat-similar technology available now on the Internet--with still photos rather than movies. The technology requires Quicktime, a free download and installation for PCs, and if it isn't installed on a computer, it should be. As an example, here are some regular photos and similar panoramas. No question which are most impressive.

or Cordoba Mosque

or Western Wall

or Kotel

or Sacre Coeur

Tom Lassiter, a local photographer, has done a lot of work with panoramic photos and has several local ones posted on his website. The photo of the awards ceremony at the Coliseum when the UNC women's basketball team had just won the ACC championship is particularly interesting as it was made from four quickly-made hand-held photos. Sound files can be added to these images to make them even more realistic. I'm surprised that this technology hasn't made a greater impact, particularly for things like virtual tours of places or meetings.

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