Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Man

I missed Stan Musial's 90th birthday on Sunday, but Paul Mirengoff at Powerline blog didn't. He cited this article "90 Things to Love About The Man" which outlines some of Stan's accomplishments on and off the diamond. I thought this was eyeopening:
#63 • We know where Musial ranks in assorted career hitting categories today, nearly 50 years after his retirement. But at the time of his retirement, he was first in MLB history in extra-base hits, first in triples, second in hits, second in doubles, first in games, first in at-bats, third in runs, fourth in RBIs, sixth in homers and ninth in slugging percentage.

I played golf with Stan at the Duke Children's Classic back in 1985, and I can attest that he is as nice a man as everyone says he is.

Two Great Hitters

Lil and Stan Musial

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