Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is This What a Phish Looks Like?

Yesterday I got this e-mail from my bank.

I thought it might be prudent to check on my password (which I have stored in a password-manager program so I don't know off hand what it is). When I clicked on the link, my browser vomited:

I closed the link without going further and forwarded the e-mail to as SunTrust requests. I got an automated reply right back but haven't heard a real response yet. I figure it is some phishing expedition, but it did look real enough for me to take the first step to destruction. I hope Firefox stopped me appropriately.

I got a similar warning a couple of days ago when I clicked through on a link in a comment on to a web site which I just abandoned. Does anyone know if Firefox is just being very picky, or might these sites represent real danger?


Greensboro NC said...

I think yes and yes maybe dangerous? I know my firefox has been weird as of late.

jimcaserta said...

If the email says you should go to but sends you to it's a phish. Following links can be dangerous because they make the text sound like you're going one place, and the link takes you to a site that sounds similar but is not authentic. I would just type into my browser and go from the trusted homepage.