Sunday, August 01, 2010

Extreme Photographic Time Exposures

My Internet BFF today had an article about some lovely photographic time exposures. I don't do much with time exposures because they generally require a tripod, which is too much trouble to carry most of the time. These are beautiful photographs and you'll enjoy seeing them. For example:


By SergioTudela

This gorgeous sunset over the Mediterranean on Andalusia's Costa del Sol was captured on a Nikon D80 with an exposure of five seconds, creating the delicate fluff of the blurred waves and the deep colouration of the sky and clouds.

On Friday, John Nack of Adobe Systems linked to some time exposures of a different scale. These use a pinhole camera and have exposure times of up to several years.

When I attended the Nikon School thirty years ago, the instructors said the least expensive photographic accessory was film, so they advised taking a lot of pictures. I suppose that is not an option for someone taking a year-long time exposure.

With the cost of "film" today virtually zero, it is easy to take a lot of pictures. Now we must remember the Nikon School advice on the easiest way to be a better photographer: "Don't Show All Your Pictures". It does take some discipline to put the not-so-good ones in a separate folder and only show the good ones, even if they didn't take a year to make.

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