Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Radly Balko, My New Internet BFF

I first heard of Radley Balko several years ago when the Blogfather linked to several articles he had written in defense of a wrongly accused man, Corey Maye. I have followed a number of other Blogfather links to Balko's writings, primarily about bad police no-knock drug raids. It wasn't until Prof. Reynolds went on vacation recently and had Balko as a regular substitute blogger that I had noticed his primary blog, The Agitator.

Since then I have been checking by the site regularly and now stop by each day. He always has some interesting non-political links. For instance, several days ago he pointed out one reason the newspaper business might be in such bad shape: there seems to be only one prop newspaper in all Hollywood. Then today he followed up with the explanation.

Further, today there were these click-worthy references. The Agitator is my new internet BFF.

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