Friday, June 04, 2010

Updated Update for 50th High School Reunion

Lynn Black and I mis-communicated and she didn't get my updated Bio for the Greensboro High School Class of 1960 Reunion booklet, but never fear, here it is for all of you who just can't wait:
After we all got together at high school graduation, I graduated from Clemson University in chemical engineering, married my high school sweetheart Ann Winchester, got a graduate degree from Clemson, worked for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati for a year, defended Baltimore harbor from the Viet Cong for two years while in the Army, and returned to Greensboro in 1968 to work for Dow Corning Corp. In 1971 I joined Greensboro Printing Company and worked there until it closed in 2001. (We zigged when we should have zagged.) After a stint as a salesman(?) with a printing company in Charlotte, between unemployment and retirement, I attended the Fine Furnituremaking Course at Rockingham Community College, and then I officially retired in 2007.

Ann and I were divorced in 1977 with no children. (Ann passed away from MS in 2002). After 13 years of marriage and 13 years of single-hood, I remarried in 1900 to Brenda Brewer and acquired two teen-age step-children. Brenda and I were divorced in 2003 and I have been single since.

As to hobbies and interests, I have been interested in photography since high school and am currently trying to make the transition to digital technology. I have made furniture as a hobby for many years and particularly enjoyed learning how to do it right at the RCC woodworking program. I have traveled extensively in Ireland and Spain and made several other interesting trips to France and Germany, and one particularly memorable seven-day-two-night business trip to Israel in 1998. I have almost given up my dream of winning the US Open golf championship after never
getting my handicap below 15, but maybe there is still hope. And, let's see, seven more years of single-hood then I should be ready to marry again in 2016, if the 13-year cycle holds up.

I look forward to renewing friendships from a half-century ago. High school was a special time for me. (Actually, life has been a special time for me!), I hope we have a memorable reunion.

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German Magnolia said...

Hey Preston, glad to see your "full Bio" here. I was rereading the REUNION booklet and found your Blog. I blog as well, but very infrequently.