Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Worst Case Scenario

Here is another case for the Worst Case Scenario folks. Who'da thunk you could send an innocent text message to your wife and you end up a suicide in jail.
"She showed the message to her father, who angrily called Ramazan and accused him of calling his daughter a prostitute. Ramazan went to his wife’s home to apologize, only to be attacked by his wife, her father, and two sisters. He was stabbed in the chest but succeeded in grabbing a knife, stabbing his wife, and getting away. Emine died of her wounds; Ramazan killed himself in jail.

Texting can be dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

Well Preston, are you a stand up comic, also ?

I came from Ed Cones site:
How long before we start hearing about the looming toilet paper shortage?

The first post here I read was on the Turkish Cell Phone story:
"Texting can be dangerous"

When the lead sentence is:
"The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reports a tragic consequence of the failure to localize cell phones"

A clear failure of a communications business to deal with a fundamental element of their business and customers - communications !

But I'll give you an 'ATTABOY!' for the blog name based on my limited visit.