Friday, March 21, 2008

A Different Vantage Point

The movie Vantage Point is about an assassination plot on the President of the United States told from the viewpoint of a number of different characters. The action takes place in Salamanca, Spain. I visited Salamanca 25 years ago and spent several hours visiting the old university town and its magnificent Plaza Mayor.

My travelling companion and I stopped and enjoyed a "cold one" at one of the may cafes around the plaza and took several photos of the picturesque site.

What makes this a different "vantage point" is that these pictures show how I remember the Plaza mayor--as a very large open space. This last picture was taken with a very wide-angle lens (21-mm) and thus distorting relative sizes. This is quite evident when you see the actual plaza in the movie. It wasn't nearly as large in the movie as I remember it. I guess it is a matter of vantage point.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Mr. Earle! I'm sorry for posting this here, but you have no contact information available anywhere on this blog so I had no other choice. I am a student at Clemson and also a member of your or our Company C-4. I hope that you find pride in the fact that we just won our 5th National Championship in a row 2 weeks ago in Daytona Beach. Is there anyway I could contact you directly?

P/R SSGT Patrick Lowery

Preston said...

Patrick you can reach me at


Anonymous said...

I sent you an e-mail. Just notifying you in case you check this page more than your e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Earle,

Just wondering if you got my e-mail. Was wanting to know if you wanted to voice your opinion or had any ideas to help bridge our relations with alumni. Maybe you were just really busy at that time. I actually got voted in as company commander for next year. Hopefully I can do my part as commander to keep winning championships.

Thankyou, P/R Capt. Patrick Lowery

Temira said...

Good post.