Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I attended the ConvergeSouth conference this past week-end and really enjoyed it. Though I don't blog much, as you can see, I wanted to learn more about blogging, and the registration fee was right. I did learn a lot, saw some old friends, and met several bloggers whose work I read and admire. You all know who you are.

I've been critical of the political slant of the conference (here, here, and here among others) but otherwise I thought the organizers did a great job of putting on the event. As volunteers, they have my appreciation, and I'll do what I can to help in the future.

This morning, I stumbled on the ConvergeSouth Flickr site and was reminded of one of the best pieces of photographic advice I've ever gotten: If you want to improve your photography, don't show all your pictures. I just couldn't look thru 500 photos to find any that interested me.

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jim said...

Thanks for your good comments on Converge South. I consider myself "progressive" but don't think Converge South benefits from taking a political stance -- indeed, it benefits from welcoming a wide diversity of political as well as all kinds of different perspectives. The panel on "diversity" didn't have much.

Otherwise, I agree with you that it was a good conference.

Jim Buie

PS -- I blogged about Converge South here: