Saturday, June 18, 2005

New Construction

A week or two ago, city councilman Tom Phillips blogged about the new construction at the airport and the FedEx site, including several photos.

Not to be outdone, I want to blog about new construction on the Lake Henderson walking trail, specifically the new Friendly Road bypass. Presently, only the rough grading has been done, but when completed, the new section will connect Lakewood Drive with the Starmount Drive path, bypassing the stone gates at Friendly Road. This will necessitate one new bridge construction. I'm guessing that even after Friendly Road is widened (the stone entrance gates are not supposed to be affected in the widening) the present path behind the stone wall will remain, and the new path will just be a short-cut. Here are some photos:

New Path

Path Construction

Bridge site

Path Behind Stone Wall

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