Friday, June 10, 2005

The Geographic Solution

One of the lessons of AA (see below) is to beware of the Geographic Solution to problems we face. The Geographic Solution is when someone tries to solve a problem by physically leaving a situation (take a new job, move to different city, find a new spouse, etc.) when the real problem lies within the person making the move. Only by identifying and solving the basic problem can a true solution be found.

I was reminded of the Geographic Solution this morning when I heard this report on Morning Edition. It is surprisingly conservative and Bush-administration-friendly compared to many NPR reports. I had read this article by Heather MacDonald at NRO Online yesterday, and it seemes true that the sins of Gitmo are self-fulfilling prophecies. If Guantanamo were closed, administration critics would just carp about some other prison somewhere else. It's not the prison they are concerned about, it is the Bush Administration.

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