Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Firefox 4 Upgrade Problem

Following the advice of my tech guru at the Wall Street Journal, I upgraded my Firefox browser the the latest version 4 this morning. Unfortunately that created an unforeseen problem: FF4 doesn't work with my password manager, Roboform (ver. 6). I'd have to upgrade to a new version of Roboform (at $10 or $30 or something--no thanks) So I had to uninstall FF4, find FF 3.6 on the web, download and install it. I couldn't find a downloaded version of FF3.6 on my computer. So this was a reminder to always SAVE a downloaded program rather than just INSTALL it, so I can easily re-install in the future if necessary.

Prior to uninstalling FF4 I tried to use Windows Restore function to take my computer back to before the FF4 install. The most recent restore point I had was a week or so ago (I know, I should have established a Restore Point before installing FF4). Restore was unable to do the restore function, so I was left with plan B. As Roseanne Roseannadanna said, "It's always something."

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