Monday, October 26, 2009

"What a coincidence!”

After the death of his high school friend Jas Howard, the UConn football player murdered a week ago, Clemson defensive back Chris Chancellor requested he be allowed to wear Howard's number 6 for the Tiger's Saturday game against Miami in his and Jas's hometown. The complication was that 6 was normally worn by Jacoby Ford, Clemson's outstanding wide receiver and kick returner. Coach Dabo Swinney realized that since Chancellor and Ford wouldn't be on the field at the same time (since one was on offense and the other defense) it was within the rules for two players to have the same number so he granted the request.

Chancellor played well in the game, making four individual and one assisted tackles in the game. Ford's play wasn't spectacular; he had two rushes for 16 yards and a first-quarter pass reception for 11 yards--until the last play of the game. In overtime, Ford caught a 26-yd pass for a TD and walk-off win for the Tigers. As fate would have it, #6 was the difference in the game. Coincidence, or the invisible hand at work? (For more details, see here.)

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