Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Modest Proposal for The Real ACC Tournament

Next week we will celebrate the basketball tournament between the all-but-professional athletes representing the 12 schools of the ACC. I think we should have a chance to see which school has the best student basketball players. I propose The Real ACC Tournament!

• Let's plan it for April, after the big dance.

• Let's invite each school to send its 12 best student basketball players: students who are not receiving any athletic scholarship money.

• Each team should be coached by the school's regular basketball coach. We can see who might be the best coach, as opposed to the best recruiter.

• Let them play real rules, with real officials, etc. to keep everything on the up-and-up.

• To save money, we don't need fancy uniforms or anything like that. Let them play in whatever shorts the players prefer, and distinguish the sides by playing shirts-vs-skins. If this tournament is successful and leads to a women's version, this part alone would assure a sell-out in any arena in the area.

• The tournament could be concluded in three days, since the games, without the interruption of TV timeouts, etc., would only take 90-min or so to complete.

• Surely we can find the money required to fund this in the $700.000.000 the government wants to spend on stimulus. I know it would stimulate me.

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