Tuesday, August 23, 2005


One summer school course at RCC Fine and Creative Woodworking program is a study of 18th century American furniture styles. Part of the course is building a Queen Anne Dressing Table (Lowboy). Each student's piece is virtually identical to the others in size and style. The only variations allowed are in whether the top is solid or book-and-butt-matched veneer, whether the drawers are overlay style or inset with cockbeading, whether the lower apron, sides and back are cockbeaded, and whether the top has square or scalloped, "baby-butt" corners. Primary wood could be mahogany, walnut, or cherry.

This year's lowboys were a varitety. All except Kevin's were mahogany; his was cherry. All looked great when finished. I think all of us were very pleased with how each of our pieces turned out. I know mine was the best piece I've ever made!

Bob Smith's Lowboy

Jorge Pardo's Lowboy

Jennifer Kalbus's Lowboy

Kevin Chrystie's Lowboy

My Lowboy

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